Stutterin Stan

Clean: 4.5 (most are instrumental)

Quality: 5

Genre: Electronic

Most people who know me are surprised when they find out that I am a sucker for dance/techno/electronica music. Most of it ala C89.5 (radio station in Seattle), is sort of poppish and repetitive and not very quality (but I like it nonetheless). Also, most of the lyrics are about one topic (the dance floor and what happens later that night), so not the most uplifting.

When I find good electronic music (musically or lyrically) I am always super excited and want to tell the whole world because it is so rare. I feel the same way about my most recent find. Stutterin Stan, is actually a beat maker. Using software he electronically makes beats aka the rhythm or percussion that gives a song its groove. Often a beat maker will use a short sample of a pre-existing song and loop it over and over so that is sounds completely new. Beat makers also use tapes containing dozens of individual beats but mix them in such a way as to make them sound new. If you listen to the background music closely of most R&B or rap songs, it will consist of these types of beats. Usually beats are made to be only part of a song, and sound incomplete on their own. That’s ok because they are meant to enhance the vocals, not steal the spotlight.

Stutterin Stan’s beats are interesting enough to be their own songs. His tracks are more than just one sample looped over and over again, but like a dance they throw in unexpected yet graceful surprises. On his myspace page you can listen to 6 full tracks which are either instrumental or feature a few spoken verses. One is a remix of Hillsong’s Open My Eyes. You Can’t Stop Us, and World Warrior are probably my favorites but they are all great. Other beats you can by on his myspace page for cheap; they are more trance-like (I love trance but it is more repetative). Check out his blog as well. Its consists of a fun mix of his faith and music making journeys.

Below is a video of World Warrior being performed at a contest.


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