Fireflight, Unbreakable

Quality: 4

Clean: 5

Genre: Rock

Fireflight could be compared to Flyleaf. Both sound a little hard-core, both have female singers, and both start with the letter F. Fireflight however, is softer sounding. I wouldn’t even call them metal like I did Flyleaf. They are more in the style of hard-rock. I hesitate to use that designation because it brings to mind those classic-rock radio stations that play Led Zeppelin and other 70’s and 80’s music. I could call them pop-metal, or post-grunge and be comfortable. They stay within the realm of guitar, heavy percussion and emotive singing.

Unbreakable has become my current go-to album. I find myself listening to it when I can’t think of what else I feel like listening to. They are catchy, fun and positive. Their music is accessible; not too hard core. They have choruses that are easy to sing along with but just when I think I’m on a track that is generic and getting close to the cheesy line, they throw in an unexpected hook or bridge that keeps me interested. Brand New Day, for example is a slower track, sort of like a ballad but not really. Its chorus is a little too easy for me, it could be on the easy listening radio station. But then at the end of the song, there is a bridge in minor key with a surprising sound of yearning, genuine emotion, and hope. This bridge brings the entire song to life. It makes the chorus sound more genuine, not just a silly sweet song. Its about how we only feel at home in the Lord and even though we are with the Lord now and have our home in him now, we still long for our heavenly home. There are other places like this in the CD. Choruses are sung with layered voices as if a crowd is shouting (but in a musical way), or a harpsichord plays a few notes to bring a sweetness to a harder song.I also like the way the music ties in to the lyrics. When the song is about something sad or happy, the music is sad or happy. The band isn’t breaking boundaries but they do what they do very well. They don’t sacrifice quality in order to be musically accessible.

Different from Flyleaf in another way, Fireflight is way more obvious about being a Christian band. Their lyrics are overtly positive and sing about the Lord as the answer. The theme of the album lyrically would have to be the emotional turmoils we go through in life and that giving ourselves to the Lord, even when we don’t feel like it, is the best and only way out. I like that Fireflight sings about the the different pains, self-inflicted agonies, depressions and hungers that span the emotional spectrum. They also urge the listener to give their angst to the Lord in order to get out of the destructive cycle and heal. Some of the songs are about the individual but a couple are about relationships. Having the courage to get out of bad relationships and healing other relationships by giving up on pride and selfishness are both topics that are explored.

My favorite songs are Unbreakable, and Brand New Day. Unbreakable states the theme of the album well. Healing and rising to strength given from the Lord. Its a powerful song, yet also makes one want to to rock out.



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