Other Best Of 2008 Lists

I’m a bit behind, but yesterday I finally perused Pitchfork‘s best of 2008 list. Going through the best albums list, at first I felt extremely out of it and old because I had only heard of a had full of the bands.  On the best song list, there are little snippets of some you can listen to on the website. After a few, I had had enough. I was thoroughly annoyed. Sheesh! I only liked a few of the songs and this was supposed to be their BEST of the year. Most of them sounded amateur, undeveloped, generic, and vocally poor. There were a few that I could appreciate/respect, but this was the exception.  I finally and reluctantly came to the conclusion, that Pitchfork can be pretentious. It felt like a relief. I read their reviews because they are known for their witty and sometimes sarcastic opinions plus the fact that they focus on indie or at least lesser known artists. But I can’t think of one artist that I have discovered and loved through Pitchfork. Also, some of the songs, names of artists, words in the reviews etc. can be unclean. This is not a website to send your five year old to check out.

Quality: 2

Clean: 2.5

This morning I decided to listen to NPR’s All Songs Considered year in review. They didn’t let me down. Listening to their radio show from December 8th via the internet, was a pleasure. There were four critics, endeeringly nerdy, funny, and unpretentious, who each shared their favorite new artists, biggest surprises, and favorite songs of the year. I wrote down several artists and songs to check into later. Because it was played on the radio, the show was clean. Son Lux was even featured as one of the best new artists of the year (29 minutes in), making me very excited and like a fellow music nerd.

Quality: 4.5

Clean: 4


Best of 2008

I’ve kind of taken a break from the blog for the past month. I like listening to cheesy Christmas music which doesn’t necessarily warrant reviews. This year I enjoyed two new Christmas albums (new to me, they were both 2007 releases): Jars of Clay’s Christmas Songs, and Mindy Smith’s My Holiday. All this to say, I don’t have any new reviews at the moment, and my music budget is spent for a few weeks…But I always like to do a year-end review. So here I have my favorite albums and songs of 2008:

Best albums of 2008:

1. Son Lux, At War with Walls and Mazes

By far my favorite album of the year.

2. Lecrae, Rebel

Christian rap was introduced to me for the first time this year and it changed my perspective on music.

3. Kanye West, 808s and Heartbreaks

Despite the criticism West received for this album and even my own hesitations, it remains tops in my mind for its unconventional yet accessible attitude and sound.

4. Cold Play, Viva la Vida, or Death and all His Friends

5. Nothing stands out. I could put the Twilight soundtrack, or Fireflight’s Unbreakable, but while they are good…they just don’t stick out in my mind. I guess I only have a top 4.

Best Songs of 2008:

1. Black is the Color (DJQ’s Club Edit),  2Devine vs Cara Dillon

This might seem random to you unless you know me in real life. It is just a silly techno song remix but I loooove it and listened to it constantly since I found it. Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair is an old Scottish folk song. Many singers have covered it and in this version, Cara Dillon, an Irish folk singer, does the honors. I don’t know if Cara and 2Devine made a deal or if 2Devine just took a copy and remixed it with beats. Either way it is an unlikely combination, folk singing and techno, but somehow it works and is beautiful.

2. Son Lux, Wither

3. Chris Brown, Forever

Again, this might seem like a surprise unless you know me in real life. I just love how innocent, dancy, poppy and romantic it sounds. 

4. Lecrae feat. Sho Baraka, Live Free

5. Blue Foundation, Eyes on Fire

On the Twilight soundtrack. Perfectly melancholy and chilling. (myspace)

Honorable Mention: Oceanlab, On a Good Day, Kanye West, Love Lockdown, and Lecrae, Rebel Intro

If I had unlimited money and time I would have gotten around to listening to/reviewing :

1. Girl Talk, Feed the Animals (myspace)

2. Apparat, Walls, (listen for free)

3. Thievery Corporation, Radio Retaliation (myspace)